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    following back tons

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    UFO sightings, 2014.

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    Landscape, Attributed to Zhang Ruocheng

    gold on dark paper, set of three framed

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    Miguel Laino

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    William E. Norton, Sunrise over Fishing Waters—Maine, ca. 1880, oil on wood mounted on paperboard, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Alice H. Rossin

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    More Art Monday: Falling
    Inspired by the first day of fall tomorrow and the falling leaves, we found our favorite falling images from the collection.

    The Life Line,” 1884, published 1887, by Winslow Homer

    The Fall of Icarus,” 17th century, copy after Peter Paul Rubens

    They’re Saved! They’re Saved!,” 1832, by Henry Edward Dawe

    St. Michael—The Fall of the Rebellious Angels,” mid-17th century, by Jacob Neefs

    A Woman Falling Down the Arched Bridge at Tenmangu Shrine, Kameido, from the series Comic Pictures of Famous Places Amid the Civilization of Tōkyō,” 1881, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi